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Cachiyacu project - fund to found a nature reserve in basin of homonymic river
Cachiyacu river in Balsa Puerto

Cachiyacu project was created in March 2010, after adjusting basic principles and options of help to Cachiyacu river area with a few inhabitants who live there and don't call the jungle their mother in vain.

We generally believe in Europe that after many centuries of wars we have attained the healthy form of civilization which gives a freedom to everyone - yes, we believe it bravely until 'courageously' ignore its negative effects in remote corners of the planet where people are getting knowledge of it now, without bias and without prejudice.

So what comes to natives of the Amazon from civilization as first? - the darkest achievements: the effort to tarnish and disrupt their spiritual tradition based on shamanism and the effort to destroy the jungle. Cachiyacu project is here to balance invincible spread of the influence of civilization in the Amazon by a positive action.

Doubts about the power of whitemen's God had to set in to peruvians at the very beginning of the conquest in 16th century when just a few years after breaking of the Inca empire aboriginals watched uncomprehending as 'Pizzaros' and 'Almagros' hate and murder themself instead of to consolidate their newly acquired influence. Probably as the proof of variety of European culture Catholics and Evangelicals denigrate each other in South America up to the present. As result in the Amazon appears that one village is entirely Catholic, another nearby village is Evangelical and mutual communication is reaching the freezing point. Well this is likely the top of European's evolution - the freedom to mutual envy and 'brotherly' hatred. This is exactly what the Indians clearly understand as a general rule of culture that seeks to 'save their souls'.

mountains above Balsa Puerto covered by jungle, so far clean sandy beaches and so far clean Cachiyacu river

Studying the Amazonian shamanism is possible to accomplish only individually, I have been very interested in it for several years and I offer the possibility to join me to anyone. But I also have become aware how closely its future is connected with the existence of intact jungle whose preservation requires a congregate approach.

A special collective law is held for the tribal areas which poses as innocent and looks like it wished to co-existence of indigenous people with nature - the land belong to the community members who themselves do not have enough funds for giant agriculture and destruction of the jungle. The reality is, however, that investors come from the city, through the matrimony with some of the natives get automatically entitled to take up soil and technology allows them to harry incomparably faster pace. And what attitude of the authorities encounters somebody who lost the jungle which he thought he owned? Priority is given to person who farms the land. Yes, such a sarcastic interpretation of the collective law that unambiguously doesn't guarantee ownership of the jungle to anyone, is used...

Beside of this universal obstacle that stands in the way of rescuing the jungle, there is one more specific difficulty in the Cachiyacu river basin - this area is rich of oil.

Public keeps track of Chevron's court case, since it concerns the largest compensation in history, there is also disseminated information about perfidious behavior of the other major oil company Shell, which even in times of crisis reports profits. But additional conjunction beyond the context is mostly missed - a new legal precedent, possibility to declare an 'untouchable zones' in the Amazon and the abolition of existing mining permits. All this is reason why Chevron has dragged out the process as much as possible and has been delaying the decision for incredible 16 years during which this company could pillage and destroy dozens of other areas just like district Lago Agrio in Ecuador.

so far peaceful life in Balsa Puerto

Landscape affected by activities of miners is not going to revive in the next thousand years, the population is condemned to eating canned sardines and tuna because poisoned river will never supply a fish. Despite all the promises of bent officials and local politicians, community life would plunge into even greater misery than he had ever known. Poison leaking into the soil would destroy nature, which is still in Cachiyacu catchment area extraordinarily rich and varied - there is especial biodiversity compare to other Amazonian regions due to the mountains where Cachiyacu tributaries spring.

It seems that the collective law doesn't apply for miners, they don't need to marry with Indian women as farmers from the city, they simply arrange an exception. Unfortunately, they are already authorized to drill in Balsa Puerto, settlement on the river Cachiyacu. Balsa Puerto territory is one of the cleanest and unbroken Amazon ends that deserves more to be declared a nature reserve than to be destructed by oil extraction. Its remoteness and inaccessibility had disallowed to start mining before, but after the completion of the new road there is nothing what could deter total devastation and destruction.

the real treasures of Balsa Puerto, mountain streams with limpid water and large number of waterfalls flowing to Cachiyacu river and rare liana species containing unique healing alkaloids

These tragic facts and real threats define the core interest of the Cachiyacu project - to attain cancellation of permission to extract oil in district Balsa Puerto and to reach declaration of a nature reserve in the Cachiyacu river basin. A contribution towards achieving this mission can be done through sending of any amount to the bank account of Jungle-medicine.eu, Ltd., Kvapilova 360/32, Karlovy Vary, ZIP 36009, Czech Republic, IBAN: CZ72 0800 0000 0008 1122 8359, BIC / SWIFT: GIBACZPX. Other ways to support the project are being developed. Inventions are welcome. Major donors get access to overviews showing usage of the acquired funds.

Seriousness of the fight to save the Amazon is much broader than you might thing at the first time. Any loss may result in more victims and suffering than the entire Holocaust produced. Take thought of the consequences on your own, when extinguished irreplaceable 'eco-element' maintaining moisture in the atmosphere (http://www.jungle-medicine.eu/9e-danger-of-desertification.html).

If you say to yourself “What is it good for any further?“ while refueling your car, believe that destruction of the Amazon is not. Why not to support ideas of young visionaries like Shai Agassi (http://www.betterplace.com/) as well, for sure electric car doesn't mean anything technically unfeasible and ensure charging at all car parks is within the competence of municipalities as ensure public lighting - and who does elect their representatives? At least you can sign petition to support the development of electric vehicles.

If you are disposed to sign the petition against oil extraction in Balsa Puerto addressed to respective Peruvian authorities, please leave your name and email address here, so that I can contact you when it's needed.

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