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Plants & their effects described by don Roque

like Ferocaspi, moreover empowers virility and using keeps male's groove in older age - the bark is used for an alcohol infusion


palm fruits just as nutrition


for chronical fever & headaches - crushed leafs are mixed with a bit of water, another plant 'yerba santa' and salt - three days once a day


particularly remedy for fishermen who have to bear up against dampness and cold what makes cranial cavity and larynx suffering, keeps virility as well


fruit for nuts - ripened are carved, mashed in the water and used for bath (head washing) - a small amount is taken as well


to fight a feeling of cold and nausea


just as nutrition


fights tiredness and sleeping which doesn't refill the energy - boosts a weak mind when person doesn't feel a buoyancy as well


fights depression, the bark infusion mixed with wine and honey is used in small dosage for one month to 'nourish the consciousness'


for digestion improvement, for non-ulcer pains - sap is used the same way as Lacre (to expel the bad energies from home)


milk (sap) is let to become dry and set to aching tooth for one hour


for cancer of blood, skin, bones and inner tumours - branches decoction kills all the cancerous cells


for undernourished child when there is 'pelagra' appearance (open sores and diarrhea) - child is taking the bath in bark decoction for 7 days


keeps men & women potency and sex drive - duration of usage makes no odds

Conipachi cola

fortifies the bones - for anybody who needs to fortify his bones (sportsman, retiree,...) - good supporting remedy for dislocation & osteoporosis

Conipachi puna

if there is swelling of the legs - leaves are boiled to take a bath for seven days - patient bathes his legs up to his waist, a small glas is taken every day as well

Conipachi shimpira

in case of nerve displace after sport or work surcharge, it regenerates neuronal synapsis, eases hips pain and disk dislocation as well

Conipachi uiru

for hernia & prolapse (substitutes operation), bark is soaked in the water to get a drink (not boiled), the sap is set to inguinal area (works even after operation)


for injuries - the sap is set to wound and changed every day - henosis gets faster


just for women (not for men) - cists, deformed & ulcer uterus - also when there are persisting pains and discharges after childbirth


for men's strength, reinforces sinews - an alcohol infusion of bark is used


not to be boiled, leafs are to be used for a special bath - to attract a positive events to life


for virility - the roots are mixed with wine, honey and cashauksha - it's buried for 7 days then to pick up the energy from earth


for inguinal ganglia, the sap is used to stick it on the place of pain - ganglia disappears


the bark decoction is taken once a day for seven days to fight a weariness from demanding job, ease body pain and legs obdormition after carrying heavy weights


for rheumatism and arthritis - leaf decoction is used for the bath and alcohol infusion is to drink - 7 days twice a day


for osteocarcinoma (very aching) - seven stems are used when they are 35 cm tall before flower bud appearance - the fresh juice is squeezed out every day for one month


treats acne, commonly just the leaf is used to dish up the meal (is thrown away after), but for serious acne a bath from crushed leaves is prepared and a bit of juice is taken


for malaria, a bark essence is taken in small dosis, as very bitter remedy it's absorbed by liver easy and can heal its infection


to expel all the 'demons' from the dwelling - burning bark or dried sap (resin) is moved through the house or flat to 'clean' every corner


for gastric ulcer - smoothes out the coat of stomach - verified by don Roque's wife - for chronic diarrhoea as well - fresh sap is used which looks like milk

Lengua de perro

for liver, if a person overeats the cheese and other milk products until a 'bitter saliva' appearance, it's the sign of overworked liver (it's not about the infection)

Lupuna colorado

the bark is used for bath four times to fight the swelling


for rheumatism - the sap is taken and the bark decoction is used for bath


for diarrhoea due to alcohol overuse


fights feeling of cold, disinterest, lassitude, lethargy - restores the energy, pumps the strength, is used for three evenings at the most with sugar& salt& pork-free diet


one cup of sap is drained from the tree and turned to gum above the fire - this is set to painful point for one hour if the cause comes from 'brujeria'


treats pelioma (just a white tache) - the sap is set to white stigma on the skin, it's repeated until white stigma disappears


for aggressive and choleric character (not for women) - decoction is taken and man's laundry is soaked in decoction before drying - ravisher calms down completely


universal remedy, delivers the energy to body, prolongs life - an alcohol infusion is taken as 'pick-up' (the tree has extraordinary strong and durable wood)


remedy for women - treats many ailments (pale skin, sore throat, chronic diseases from cold, inability to conceive child, menoxenia - wrong period, …)


for joint dislocation - its sap is sweet (can be taken), fresh and without additional adjustment is set to injured joint for eight days

Puma piri-piri

for reversible convert to jaguar, this is used in retirement for one year without any contact with people


fights pain of the muscles (not joints or bones) - seven stems are crushed and boiled to get two bottles of drink which is taken in small dosage for one month


for every kind of addiction (alcohol, smoking, drugs), is taken on alternate days for one week, a fat & sugar-free diet has to be kept


for chronical hepatitis - two kilograms of roots are crashed and boiled, the result is taken for up to 20 days three times a day until the pain is gone


the sap is set to open sore which cannot be cured other way

Sangre de Drago

heals stomach ulcer, tuberculosis, bleeding uterine - all the internal sores & injuries - just three drops are taken three times a day for couple of months


improves metabolism, fights loss of appetite & infirmity - the bark decoction is used for seven days, eases bleedy diarrhoea, can regenerate intestinal epithelium


supports kidney - the roots of this bush are used, the secret is to leave the decoction outside through the night to pick up the energy, this is repeated for seven days


aphrodisiac for man (not for woman), the bark infusion is prepared using pisco (brandy) and wine (1:1), a small dosage is taken twice a day - cures the impotence


for inner infection, the bark is set to water and after one hour it turns to jelly which is taken for seven days, treats sun-stroke as well


treats numbs, pins and needles in limbs, patient takes bath in the leaves decoction three times


sweet fruits are good for eating - an alcohol infusion of branches produces dreams of astral beings from the jungle - doesn't heal


treats diarrhoea when the reason is edge-bone deviation (no infection), 4 litres of the bark decoction are used twice a day until consumed


treats arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, bleeding discharge - the bark infusion or sap is used, the sap is mixed with honey 1:1


another component for mixture with tunutunu and pistuna - for ulcers & osteoporosis


if there is some tumour inside and grows sorely - fresh sap is taken twice a day for one month - tumour keeps reducing until complete dissolve

Uña de gato

for pancreas, liver and gallbladder - removes the infection - is used twice a day for 15 days


for diabetes above all, but for liver as well - very bitter remedy, just bitter can relieve the liver - one month three times a day


treats bronchitis, the fruits are boiled to get a small amount of liquid which is mixed with cane-honey, bee-honey and wine - fights flu and cough very fast too


heals cists, tumors and discharges from uteri including inner injuries after childbirth - bark decoction is taken twice a day - strengthen intestines as well


for rheumatism - fresh bark is exposed to the sun from early morning to evening dark, after that a small bit is taken and the rest used for bath - eight days repeated

Yacusacha de macho

for acute rheumatism connected with bad pain and water in joints - an immobile patient - the way of preparation and usage is the same like with Yacusacha de hembra


for all the urinary ailments (kidney, bladder, prostate, urethrocystitis, coleocystitis), also for bedwetting and 'sporty' injuries

Yergon Sacha

it has a tuber roots which are taken in case of snakebite and the upper part decoction is set to place of bite, eases swelling where the reason is unknown