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Projekt Centro de la Ciencia - Business Plan
huts row
the garden
the hut - front side
the entrance

The goal of our project called "Centro de la Ciencia" is to build a treatment center in the town of Balsapuerto - province of Alto Amazonas – region Loreto - Republic of Peru.

This project has been developed since 2006 based on the long experience with the environment and exceptional results of the treatment with natural medicine from the surrounding forest.

The first piece of land has been bought in 2012, the second next-door land in 2013. Both plots were officially merged later on. Half a hectare area called “Mountain View Rainforest Lodge” is ready for a construction work.

The result is going to offer comfortable conditions for rest and relax to recover the strengths using powerful herbs in the Amazon. It's going to serve for recreation as well as for the treatment stays.

Quite a long time it was impossible to determine the date for the commencement of construction of the lodge as it depends on completion of the road from the city of Yurimaguas to the town of Balsapuerto. Currently, the deadline for completion of the road is set for 2016.

It would fit to establish a relationship with all investors with interest to be involved during 2016. If you are considering your participation in the project, please contact us with any questions through the site (tab "Contact").

side view
huts & garden
huts & the jungle
the hut - self study
eagle view