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Skellig Rocks islands southwest Irish coast

3400 m.a.s.l. Maria Jiray waterfalls 300 m total height., Ancash, Peru
Bahía San Fernando pacific coast, Nazca desert, Peru
Mystical stone Cumpanama in the Amazon rainforest, Peru
Peak of the highest world's dune Cerro Blanco, Peru

Our objectives:

  • to revive the forgotten values ​​that deliberately had a place in every world culture, including the European ...
  • to bring the importance of the most original forms of shamanism to mind, to spread accumulated knowledge and experience...
  • to bolster preservation of the Amazon rainforest and related things that help to keep shamanism...
  • to eliminate misconceptions and prejudices about shamanism, including the scientific ones...
Bosque de Piedras
Cataratas de Millpu
Playa San Ignacio
Choquequirao Archaeological Park
Victoria Pass - Yanama Pass
Aguas Calientes